The body is a prison, the soul, a demon.
In his series Introversion, Sébastien TABUTEAUD delivers an intense photographic reflection on the withdrawal into oneself. He dares a visceral look at the oppression that sometimes takes place between an individual and himself.
Strongly impacted by his relationship with a mentally unstable person, struck by his perpetual unease, the photographer goes on a quest to question schizophrenia.
Through an experiment behind closed doors with himself, he produces images, artificially explores the inability to melt into the world. to camp yourself; To be alone but double. Triple, why not?
While the space around is gigantic, the high towers, it is nevertheless in the cramped intracranial space that we always lose ourselves the most.
Schizophrenic thought is said to be super fast. Fast as a train running through the night or a sword slicing through the air. And speed comes out of the blur. See double. To see oneself double. Trouble to the point of disappearing sometimes.
From his immersive experience, Sébastien Tabuteaud brings back dark, dense and contrasting images. Snapshots of internal agitation. The addition of texture superimposed on his pictures aims to disfigure a little more a frustrated perception of reality.
"Reality is only a point of view. Said Philip K. Dick.