The work presented here is a series of portraits (and self-portraits) that began in 2008 and continues today. His point of departure is always the setting, the decor. Desert, natural or urban.
Graphic, lines, curves, textures, shadows and lights, colors, are his first muses. He introduces the human in a second time. In motion most of the time, like a sparkle released on a playground that he promises to ignite. Sébastien Tabuteaud lets the character evolve in this setting, play with it, take ownership of it until the moment when the osmosis occurs. Photos are rarely taken in the snapshot. They are often thought out, put in preliminaries even if Sebastian leaves a part of chance at the moment of the triggering. He likes to place the human in the center of an enigmatic, cinematographic decoration, in slight shift with the reality, a staging which creates a lyrical atmosphere which embarks the spectator.
It is natural that Sébastien Tabuteaud uses the square format to bring out the geometric shapes and his subjects centered. The square is a geometric form very pure and close to perfection. In the square format, there is no length and width, there is not necessarily any sense of reading either. Everything directs us towards the center, towards the human in the case of this series.
In the same way the wide angle that it uses is the ideal tool to crystallize these body-to-body of the tiny living with the immobile and immense desert, its playground.